Go ahead, have some fun


“Creativity takes courage.” – Matisse

With 12-foot ceilings and three large southwest facing windows, The Ames delivers diffused light during the day, and in the afternoons, golden light floods through. The 950-square feet studio offers a curated mix of natural furniture and accents, and live plants, but if you want a raw space, everything can be stored in the back.

Located on the first floor, the studio is adjacent to exterior double doors, making load in and load out a breeze.

Natural light studio located in Amesbury, MA

Direct, Golden Light

In the early mornings and late afternoons, yummy direct light flows through the windows, creating a fun environment to play with light.

8×8 Rolling Backdrop

One side is a natural wooden wall, and the second side will feature a new color every 2 months. Add fabrics, props, and plants to create a unique look.

Props, Props, Props!

Make the space your own. There are a bunch of props in the back – from a blow-up mattress to a white desk. Check out the complete list of props here.