Why, Hello!


“What if I fail? Oh but my darling what if you fly?”

There’s a common theme with me – take the leap, and see what happens. That’s what pushed me out to New England during the 2008 recession. Said BYEEE to my life and job in Arizona, and said, “LET’S [expletive] DO THIS.”

It’s here where everything fell into place. After starting a job doing PR for some larger photography brands, I had the ah-ha moment that I can start my own photo business. Sarah Jayne Photography was born in 2012. Soon after in 2016, my wedding industry friend, Katie, and I created a shop and shared studio space called Salt & Grove. It was here where the concept of a shared photography studio came to life. Like many others, Covid hit in 2020 and we were forced to restructure. We moved Salt & Grove into a thriving retail location, but had to say goodbye to our beloved studio space.

I manifested a place with large industrial windows, and a steady flow of natural light throughout the day. When I stumbled across this space – it was a storage room! – I knew this was it. After a staggering metamorphosis, The Ames was born. I’m beyond excited to continue to connect with other photographers and offer a shared photo studio in the community.