When Do I Show Up?

Where Exactly Are You Located?

The physical address of the studio is 8 Washington Street, Amesbury. The building is on the left and called TradesMill and It’s a brick building. You’ll see a brand new set of glass doors, and when you walk in, the photo studio is on the right – unit 113. It’s very new so you’ll see some construction in the hallway. Please park at the end of Washington in the parking lot on the left.

Your set up and clean up times should be baked into your rental period. Please be out by the end of your block of time to ensure others behind you can start their own shoot on time.

Are Pets Allowed?

Heck, yes! But please clean up after them, and do not let them roam free in the building.

What About Load In and Parking?

There are two double doors that open to Washington Street. You are welcome to unload in this zone, but there is no parking. Please park at the end of the street in the parking lot on the left.

Is There WiFi?

Yes, there is internet access for all guests, and the connection instructions will be provided upon arrival.

What If I Need to Cancel?

How much time do I need?

We understand that things pop up – hello, Covid! – and we are happy to help you reschedule your shoot! You just need to reach out to hello@theamesstudio.com with your request and you will receive a credit for future use.

The average rental is four hours. Most people allocate an hour for loading in, and setup, and another hour for cleanup. The last thing you want to be doing is rushing out clients because you’re short on time.

The Complete List

Props + Furniture

If you’re looking to use the furniture and props found native in the space, check out our complete list.

Prop List